Your business, your baby, your responsibility

December 30, 2010

You are a business owner. You have a business that provides a product or service to other businesses or community members. You are passionate about what you have created and the good you are doing through it. Your pride comes from the fact that you came up with the idea, you developed the product/service, you designed the marketing plan, you financed it, and you built it from the ground up. It is a part of you; you call it your “baby”. And much like a baby you have stayed up long nights tending to it, you have nurtured it, you want to see it grow up and do well….maybe even run itself one day.

 But have you really done everything you can to invest in and ensure its future?

 Your business, your “baby”, is your passion, your livelihood, maybe even your LIFE! And just like a baby, you want to make sure that your business grows within an environment that is nurturing, healthy, equitable, and as predictable as possible.  You want to ensure that the environment that it operates within will allow you to accomplish your number one goal….to be profitable. After all, you created a business, not a non-profit organization. Therefore, as a business owner, your number one responsibility to your business is to help it to create a profit.

 But can you really control the business environment to ensure profitability?

 The biggest impact that you can have on the environment that will affect your business is to be engaged in your government. Our democratic republic allows everyone the opportunity to participate in creating the business environment.  The Information Age has equipped business owners with the resources to make informed choices.  The excuses for ignorance and abstinence have been eliminated.

 But are you really willing to sacrifice for your business to survive? 

 You will need to be informed, you will need to be engaged, and you will need to stand behind your convictions.  You will need to fight your apathy. You will need to relinquish your prejudice about the political process.  And you will need to learn how to leverage the system to work FOR your business.

 If so, your business will reward you twofold: your profit and your passion will continue to grow!


Hello world!

November 30, 2010

About your author: Patriotic, passionate and politically minded, Hollis’ goal is to inspire people to become aware of and engaged in the political process. As a business owner and lover of liberty, she feels it necessary to encourage and empower other business owners to be informed of the effects that government and legislation have upon their ability to thrive, turn a profit and leave a legacy.